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Speedflying Pro Les Arcs 2010: For the third year in a row Antoine Montant has once again dominated the art of speed flying.

1 February 2010

The rest of the podium consists of François Bon, one of the innovators of Speed Flying who has today performed in his hometown with serenity as well as the zesty Yoan Castagnoli who finished third and was highly noticed for his inventiveness, his enthusiasm and his involvement. A third winning party devoted to experience and opening doors to new blood.

« Yo (Castagnoli) and Vince (Reffet) are agitated, they are jumping every where! Antoine Montant comments. I privilege skiing, to have strong supports, finding technical paths with changing rhythms: staying calm during the delicate parts and letting my hair down when I can. »

The competition was divided into two freeride sets, which were fought out Wednesday on the flanks of the Aiguille Rouge situated on the side of the Arandelières which is The Arcs territory.
The speed flyers are free to choose their itinerary, by skiing on the snow and flying on this magnificent untouched side, between corridors and snow powdered fields. A high speed ballet between the rocks. Thier descent is graded on three criterias by a jury : the technique ( the difficulty of the figures), the style (fluidity, the harmony of the skiing and the flying), and the course chosen.

If the control Antoine Montant has in this sport is confirmed, he has won with little advance, the general level of the Swiss, the Austrian and the German competitors has considerably increased. « Until now, Yohan Castagnoli notes, only one and only speed flyer distinguished himself from the others : Antoine. But today three or four have made his position questionable. »

The best is always the best, but he is no longer all alone way up there on the mountain. Speed flying has started to evolve and today Antoine has surely felt the wind of the other wings against his skin.

François Bon and Antoine Montant will now set off to produce a Speed Flying premiere on a mythical side of the Alpes. The destination, still being kept secret, will be revealed on this website.

See the gallery photos of the event.

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