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Speed Riding is a winter flying sport created by paraglider pilots and skydivers looking for a new sensation and to create a link between gliding by ski and gliding through the air. For a few years, pioneers have used skydiving parachutes or modified kites. Linking the flight of a glider with the turn of your skis adds a new dimension to the descent from a mountain! It’s an exhilarating sport which will excite and fascinate both participants and spectators...

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This new sport has taken the slope by storm, quickly attracting more and more enthusiasts as the buzz of excitement sweeps across Europe! First in France, where Speed Riding was born, but now also in Switzerland and Austria with Italy and Germany not far behind.

This new sport has to be carefully considered from the beginning in regard to the safety of the participant and to third parties and with respect to others outside the sport. Speed Flyers must be responsible when they practice Speed Flying in any ski area.
It is highly recommended to contact the ski resort safety service. Take time to explain the sport and to create a restricted area for Speed Flying. A clear presentation with photos, video, safety explanation and demonstration is very useful for any discussion with the ski resort management.
As you may be a pioneer in your area, make sure you maintain a responsible attitude in your first steps toward Speed Flying. Practicing on ski slopes is forbidden.

The responsible Speed Flying pilots should equip themselves with a complete set of good off-piste (freeride) ski equipment. In any high mountain environment, the following equipment is necessary: avalanche transceiver equipment (ARVA), shovel, probe, back protection, helmet… It is absolutely essential to check the weather forecast and snow conditions. . Take any advice from resort safety experts or high mountain guides. Always practise with utmost safety in mind for maximum enjoyment and fun.

The practice of Speed Flying needs a good level of skiing. You need to adapt your paragliding piloting and you need to learn from the paragliding schools who are set up and able to teach Speed Flying. You will gain essential knowledge and you will learn faster in a fun, controlled, less stressful and safer environment.
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